About Me
Improving Sales Graphically at Miriam Market

Project Background

Miriam Market is a local grocery store in Cairo, Egypt. They mainly serve expatriates and upper middle class locals.

Time Frame

Summer 2006

My Role

Strategic Visual Designer

Collaborated With

Store Owner and vendor


Campaign graphics

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
—Amir Abdel Latief, Owner of Miriam Market

The owner of this local supermarket needed to boost customer numbers, trust, and build a successful branding strategy before a competitor opened its doors around the corner.


The owner did not have a huge budget to work with, and had run out of ideas on how to tackle his problem.


Knowing that word-of-mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertisement amongst expatriate communities (the store’s target audience), I gathered quotations from existing customers about why they choose to shop at Miriam Market versus other stores. Combining these quotes with the store’s logo and displaying it road-side helped strengthen the Miriam Market’s brand and increase customer numbers by 12%.

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