About Me
Creating Identities for Educational Institutions, Government Entities, Companies, Nonprofits, and Individuals

Project Background

As a Graphic Designer by trade, I often freelance to create successful identities.

Time Frame

2004 – Present

My Role

Graphic Designer

Collaborated With

CEOs, Founders, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Staff


• Logos
• Identity systems
• Color systems
• Taglines
• Business Cards
• Letterhead
• Envelopes
• Templates

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word

“I like very much the approach you have decided to adopt in creating the new EAI logo.”
—Alex Nassar, Vice President of EAI
“Working with Rebecca was a very collaborative experience where, through a series of questions, she was able to quickly identify the essence of my product and build a series of images that effectively captured and visually communicated the product’s purpose.  She considered many aspects outside of simple icon design and the end result was a complete series of artifacts for online and print purposes.”
—Eric Barber, Software Development Manager at PayPal
“Rebecca created a representative identity for our organization that has professionalized and really taken our work to another level, enabling us to reach and achieve more than we otherwise could have.”
—Mindy Weimer, Founder & Advisor of WatSan Action

In most cases my clients did not have a logo. In other cases they had one, but it needed a major face lift. They were also unsure how to apply the logo on various material to strengthen their overall brand.


The biggest challenge was to work with each Executive/Owner/Entrepreneur to uncover and clarify the essence of their business. In many cases they had no idea what they wanted, and in some cases they had a hard time articulating how they wanted to present themselves.


I work with various entities, asking high-mileage questions to get to the essence of what they do, the meaning behind their name, and how they want to visually portray the work they do to potential clients. In addition to logos, I also create other aspects of their identity system (like business cards, letterhead, templates, etc) when requested. In some cases I help them refine their mission statement, or create their tag line.

Image of a logo I designed
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Image of a logo I designed
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